Modeling Reel

Posted on November 10, 2012 by rturunen

A modeling reel that shows a few of the 3D models I created while attending Sheridan College’s Computer Animation Program.

Modeling Reel Breakdown

The modeling reel consists of three models, all created while attending Sheridan College’s Post-Grad Computer Animation Program, 2011. All aspects of the models were created by myself. Poly count of each model refers to un-triangulated and “un-smoothed” polygons.

Model 1: Alphega

Main character of my short film intended to have an androgynous youthful appearance with stylized enlarged eyes. Used Mudbox to add a few subtle bump map details in brow, eyes, lips, hands and feet. 12577 faces. Used Maya & Mudbox.

Model 2: Bird

Secondary character in my short “Alphega”. Not intended to be a specific bird breed. Intended to be somewhat stylized – no realistic furry/feathery look. 3118 faces. Used Maya.

Model 3: Captain Marvel

Based on an actual toy produced by Mattel. Used in one of our initial assignments to create a 10 second interstitial centered on an existing toy. 13200 faces. Used Maya.

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