The Heart Trailer

Posted on October 26, 2013 by rturunen

This is a trailer/pitch video for a film I am working on titled The Heart.

This short will be my first fully complete film. I think it’s a unique story, in that it mixes a variety of ingredients including satire that deals with some of our society’s deeper, darker realities, lighthearted fantasy, social commentary, a mystical vision, and an uplifting, underlying message of hope.

The film’s central character finds himself in a society where the political and corporate ruling class govern the citizens with a system of covert tactics, manipulation, financial shenanigans, surveillance, control and policing that have eaten away at basic civil liberties and a respect for the individual. It’s a matrix that not only devalues the individual within the government’s eyes but seems to cultivate a sense of alienation and competition between a citizen and his neighbours. In spite of this oppressive environment, the character has an experience that allows him to transcend these circumstances which initiates a drastic change in direction for the whole community. Without giving away too much of the story’s secrets, let me just whisper to you that “it’s about the love.”

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